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by lawnwoman7 on May 7, 2014


Lawn Care Tip: Mosquito Control

by on January 11, 2013

Hands down, mosquitoes are probably one of the most annoying pests around. They can turn a perfectly enjoyable evening into an itchy, aggravating event that will deter you from enjoying a warm summer night again.

Besides being downright irritating (both mentally and physically), they also could pose a serious health risk. Lawn care experts who work to eradicate mosquito populations say mosquitoes can carry several deadly illnesses and the most vulnerable victims are children and the elderly. Most recently they have been blamed for transmitting the West Nile Virus and causing thousands of deaths. Additionally, they also carry malaria, elephantiasis, yellow fever, encephalitis and dengue.

Many St. Louis lawn care companies offer mosquito control so you can rest easy while you enjoy watching the stars with your family or friends. If you have a big event coming up, you can also have the area sprayed so mosquitoes will not disturb your guests.

If you live on or near water, you should really be mindful of the potential harm mosquitoes can cause. Lawn care specialists say water is a must in order for mosquitoes to breed, so if you have standing water around your home that you can get rid of (ex: pooling water on your St. Louis lawn that could be graded), it might be a good idea to do so and remove the threat.

If mosquitoes are becoming a serious problem, you should call your local St. Louis lawn care authority right away. Many people think a mosquito bite is harmless, but you don’t want to take the risk of being bitten by one that is infected with a deadly disease.


Get Your Landscape Ready With Fall Leaf Removal

December 28, 2012

As the temperatures start to cool down, there is still a lot of work to do on your landscape. Some of the work is in an effort to prepare it for the cold temperatures while other tasks are to ensure a healthy growing environment once spring rolls around once again. Whatever the reason, you should [...]

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Lawn Care Tip: Stepping Stones Are A Great Addition To Your Landscaping

December 14, 2012

Do you feel like your landscape is missing something but don’t really want to get involved in a long-term or expensive renovation project? Stepping stones may be the answer! One of the most underappreciated landscaping home improvement projects is the simple addition of stepping stones to your garden and St. Louis lawn areas. Stepping stones [...]

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Lawn Care Tip: Create a Fall Check List For Your Home Maintenance

November 30, 2012

Many people find the bi-annual daylight savings to be a time to check in on their house to make sure everything is working properly and running smoothly. They may make it a time to inspect their roofing or plumbing, but include smaller tasks such as checking smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Depending on the part [...]

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Lawn Care Tip: Lawn Clippings

November 16, 2012

Lawn clippings are not exactly considered valuable to a St. Louis lawn or landscape, but the reality of the matter is that they can be extremely helpful in the growing process of your turf. Many people bag or rake St. Louis lawn clippings instead of leaving them on the surface of the St. Louis lawn [...]

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Lawn Care Tip: Bee Awareness

November 2, 2012

As a population, we are not very fond of bees. They sting and buzz by our ears and chase us when we have something sweet or fragrant in our possession. Many people are even severely allergic to bees, which if the allergy is severe enough, can be potentially fatal. So with that stated, it is [...]

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Basic Lawn Care Tips For A Successful Turf

October 19, 2012

If you’re frustrated with the way your St. Louis lawn looks, maybe it’s time to make some changes. It is very possible that you’re not aware that some of the things you’re doing (or perhaps not doing) is having a very big effect on your St. Louis lawn. Here are some St. Louis lawn care [...]

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Enliven Your Trampled Lawn With Helpful Lawn Care Tactics!

October 5, 2012

Sometimes even with your best efforts, your St. Louis lawn can be trampled by playing children or romping pets; however, that doesn’t mean you have to just lie down and take it (or, rather, your St. Louis lawn doesn’t just have to lie down and take it!). There are some helpful tactics that can be [...]

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Sweeten Your Soil To Get The Most Out Of Your Lawn Care

September 21, 2012

If you talk to any lawn care professional, he or she will tell you that the content of the soil dictates how well everything grows, if it grows at all. Most people are aware that if they want to enhance the quality and rate of growth of their lawn, they need to have their soil [...]

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