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Lawn Service St Louis | St Louis Lawn Service | Lawn Service St Louis MO

Lawn Service St Louis
Fungicide Treatment

Fungus can attack lawns, leaving them weakened and susceptible to even more diseases or insect infestations. We offer specialized fungicide treatments to help stop growth and to help begin the recovery process.

St Louis Lawn Service
Nutgrass Control

Dubbed the world’s worst weed, nutgrass virtually steals all the nutrients and moisture out of the ground. For nutgrass control we come out to your home during the growing season two times, a month apart. For all your St Louis lawn service needs call Progressive Lawn Managers today!

Lawn Service St Louis MO

Hard compacted soil and thatch take away our lawn’s breath. Removing a small plug of soil opens the compacted ground to allow better penetration of lawn fertilizers, water and oxygen. It also helps develop a strong root system. Our power aeration creates thousands of new growth zones throughout your lawn by removing 1- to 3-inch cores of soil. For all your lawn service St Louis MO needs, call Progressive Lawn Managers today!

Lawn Service St Louis
Seeding & Slice Seeding

When a complete lawn renovation is needed, slice seeding can often solve the problem quickly, easily, and with little mess or bother. Our system slices through the sod and plants new seed directly into the soil, eliminating the need to strip the existing sod.

Pest Control St. Louis
Mole Control

Our experts at Progressive Lawn Managers will come out to your home to set the traps for the moles. We’ll also come back to check the traps and remove the moles, so you won’t ever be involved in the eradication process. For effective mole control, call the pest control St. Louis specialists at Progressive Lawn Managers today!

Pest Control Missouri
State Licensed & Certified

Other lawn service companies may have the same experience and years of service, but Progressive Lawn Managers has an edge on everyone else. Our technicians are state licensed and certified by the Missouri Department of Agriculture, so you can trust that Progressive Lawn Managers is your reliable source for all your lawn care needs.

Lawn Service St Louis
Service Area

Progressive Lawn Managers is your first choice in lawn service St Louis for: St. Louis, St. Louis County, South County, Clayton, Creve Coeur, Chesterfield, Ballwin, Grover, Wildwood, Eureka, Fenton, High Ridge, House Springs, Hillsboro, Barnhart, Imperial, Arnold, North County, O’Fallon, Wentzville and surrounding St. Louis communities.

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