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Lawn care tip: soil testing for St. Louis lawn health

by editor on July 15, 2011

You have your St. Louis lawn care regimen down pretty pat. You make sure your mower is set on high and the blades are sharpened. You’ve got watering down to a science and your St. Louis lawn care company is making sure your turf is disease and pest-free. You might think you’re taking the best possible care of your turf and while what you’re already doing is definitely beneficial, you’re leaving out one vital aspect of good St. Louis lawn care: soil testing.

Knowing your St. Louis lawn’s acidity, or pH, level is key to understanding what your St. Louis lawn needs and when. Lawn care experts say the pH level varies throughout the season and can change dramatically as plants and grass develop in the prime growing season because they are taking more and more out of the soil. A St. Louis lawn’s acidity level should usually fall in between 6.1 and 6.9, giving you an idea of how much fertilizer you need to maintain a healthy St. Louis lawn.

The best action you can take is having your St. Louis lawn care company conduct soil tests throughout each season. Although you can do it yourself and figure out how much fertilizer is needed and when, St. Louis lawn professionals have years of experience in testing soil and calculating fertilizer needs. On the plus side, more often than not St. Louis lawn care companies offer free soil analyses.

Whichever route you choose, doing it on your own or soliciting your St. Louis lawn care company, making sure your St. Louis lawn’s pH level is in the right zone could be the difference between a dry, colorless St. Louis lawn and a health, green, dense St. Louis lawn!

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