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Tree Service St. Louis | St Louis Tree Service | Tree Service St. Louis MO

Tree Service St. Louis
5-Step Program

In order for your trees and shrubs to have better health and optimum growth, they need special care. Here’s our 5-step tree and shrub program:

  • Early Spring: Dormant oil spray. Targets scale and overwintering insects on all applicable trees and shrubs.
  • Early Spring: Deep root feeding. Provides long term source of nutrients to all ornamental trees and shrubs.
  • April – May: Insect spray targets problem insects.
  • June – July: Insect spray targets problem insects.
  • Late Fall: Deep root feeding. Provides long term source of nutrients to all ornamental trees and shrubs.

St Louis Tree Service
Dormant Oil

Our horticultural oils are effective against scale and insects, yet safe for your family, pets and other beneficial insects. Dormant oils are also used to ward off diseases that might affect your tree’s health. To find out more about how dormant oils can be an advantageous addition to your St Louis tree service, call Progressive Lawn Managers today!

Tree Service St. Louis MO
Deep Root Feeding

As tree service St. Louis MO experts, we offer deep root feeding services to encourage growth in the root system. By creating healthier trees, we give them the nutrients they need to grow strong and capable of building a solid defense against insects, disease and the colder temperatures.

Tree Care St. Louis
Insect Control

Progressive Lawn Managers will apply insect control to prevent insect-related injuries to your trees. Our tree care St. Louis professionals will apply the perfect solution to prevent damage and discourage insects from feeding on or infesting your precious trees. For complete tree care St. Louis, call Progressive Lawn Managers today!

Tree Service Missouri
Special Applications

Our 5-step program is effective in keeping trees in optimal health. However, sometimes trees fall prey to other diseases or insects that require more specialized treatment. Whereas other tree care companies may not have what it takes to deal with these situations, you can trust that Progressive Lawn Managers has your tree service Missouri under control.

Tree Service St. Louis

Mites will eat foliage on burning bushes and spruces, stripping leaves and diminishing beautiful fall color. Call the tree service St. Louis experts at Progressive Lawn Managers for effective miticide treatements.

St Louis Tree Service
Japanese Beetle Spray

Japanese beetles will eat your leaves, leaving only the veiny outlines. Having trees with a canopy of chewed-through leaves isn’t very attractive or healthy. If you’re experiencing problems with Japanese beetles, call the St Louis tree service pros at Progressive Lawn Managers and learn more about adding this special treatment to our 5-step program.

Tree Service St. Louis MO
Service Area

Progressive Lawn Managers is your number one choice for tree service St. Louis MO in: St. Louis, St. Louis County, South County, Clayton, Creve Coeur, Chesterfield, Ballwin, Grover, Wildwood, Eureka, Fenton, High Ridge, House Springs, Hillsboro, Barnhart, Imperial, Arnold, North County, O’Fallon, Wentzville and surrounding St. Louis communities.

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